Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been an interesting few weeks

So much to say!
Move complete from Victory to Liberty. Not much to that though...more moving from Ballwin to Chesterfield, or Sandy to Holiday!
Big news: The sprained ankle that's kept me on crutches for the last week! Walking home from the gym, I rolled my ankle in a pothole. Sorry folks, un-fabulous injury...but the result is a grapefruit sized ankle, swollen on BOTH sides (how does that happen?!), and stupid painful. The bases here are not handicap friendly, but I'm hobbling through with loads of offered help & smirky stares. Ah, fun.
Second big news: My first dentist appointment overseas. Very, um, different. For those with weak stomachs...lets just say, mostly no gloves, assistant in house slippers, lack of any kind of sanitary precausions, dentist with BO & bad breath who was sleeping on the couch when I came in, and lastly: No numbing stuff for the first 15 min. A simple filling replacement took an hour and a half. Dad- really, I may have beaten your Coast Guard wisdom tooth experience...
All and all things are good. VERY differnt this time. Easy hours, no stress & a day off. What could be better??
I think of you all often. Please keep me updated & I'll do the same!
Love you All!!
The clean side of the room:
The work in progess side...fridge in process of being scrubbed, laundry, extra bed-turned coat rack and, of course, my faithful crutches !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in the Sandbox

Well, I'm back!

New Contract.
New-to-me CHU.
New Co-workers.

Due to the most ridiculously slow internet, I'll only be posting on Sundays when I can sneak on during the slower traffic time.

Photos soon to come!

If you have the itch to write me a letter, my address is:

Mary Southerland (OSS)
TF 134 J3 Programs
APO, AE 09342

Hope this finds you all happy & Healthy...