Thursday, January 24, 2008

How did he get so cute?!?

Well, I'll show you!

First it's a shower. Love his mohawk?

Then we poof him up.

Goodbye poodle curls!

"What momma?"

"Want me to do my LION impression?"


Goodbye Lion's mane!
I shave off enough hair for another poodle!

"Let me check if I have everything..."

"OK. No damage done."

All done..and half his size! Poor little pooch. No one will ever call him butch...ah well!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Official!

I have an incredible job!

I have been officially hired as the Salon & Spa Director for Life Time Fitness!

The facility is set to open in May! Lots to do! Hiring, set up, promotion, motivating, and training JOY!

!!Happy Day!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm sticking to a nostalgia theme this month! It's all this photo scanning..and maybe the turning 30 thing too! I'm not impressed with the quality of the scanner, a little inconsistent. Ah well. Em & Joe, I may come see if your wonder machine is better!
What The HECK is up with the SPACING & Font Size?!?!?!?!?!
But I digress...
CDL. Children's Dance Lab was a small dance company based out of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas back in the 80's. My momma was an incredible dancer. Along with her friend's from college, they started the company when I was a tiny little thing. They used Children's Dance Theatre, a wonderful program in Salt Lake City (both sides of my family have been involved with for years) (J-I love the photo of you and I dancing in Grandma's living room! I remember that!), as a frame work. As for the dance style? Well, I couldn't think of a explanation for 'creative dance', so I used CDT's explanation:

What is Creative Dance? Creative dance classes focus on the development of the whole child. Through movement exploration, dancers reach progressive levels of physical skill development and are taught the vocabulary of dance.

Exploring the creativity and imagination of childhood, dancers have the opportunity to improvise, engage in creative problem solving and grow in cognitive, social and emotional ways as they interact in class. Each class has a musical accompanist to expose dancers to a variety of musical genres. Throughout the class, dancers will have the opportunity to incorporate art and art forms into their learning.

Most of my childhood afternoons, if not at Lake Mead, where spent taking art classes then dancing. Even my brothers were involved. For living in cultural limbo in Vegas, it was a progressive, thoughtful and imaginative way to be raised. Way to make your aunt proud momma!
"The motivating force behind my work is not only developing excellent dancers, but more importantly, developing young people who are useful, imaginative, worthwhile human beings."
Virginia Tanner

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Why won't blogger space my photos/ writing correctly?!?! Grrrr! The previous post has weird spaces everywhere...I even tried editing Html. It's happened before, and the posts never look as good as they should. Suggestions????

Hey, Joe!

Brother, brother, brother. I was looking through the box of photos we need to organize, and I decided to scan a few of us. Just us. Well, some other important folks slid in!

Thinkin back on my first 2 memories.... A family reunion in the Tetons (I got, for the first time ever, BOTH sides of the Popsicle!) The second memory? You. No vivid memories of mom, dad & little-o-me. I remember us. Our other brothers came along, and each are beyond special to me. But you have the place of my first memories.
Life rolls on. Now you give me my first memories of a nephew,
you as a husband to my dear friend, and you making very grown up choices about your family.
You will make the right choice. Either way will be full of amazing first memories.
I love you dearly,

*Summer Naps at Grandma's...hey, remember, we lived there for
2 years while dad finished school!*

*The Red rusting out in the back yard*

*Cutest dang family'd they make a blonde?*

*Mary, Joseph...yeah, good thing David wasn't named Jesus*

*Umm. Wonder were you got the Peter Pan obsession??? Hmmm?*

*The back of the photo says, "Joe's favorite hat." Yup. It's pink.*

*Love these old Sears photos..and that little bow tie*

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It went so fast!

Is anyone else feeling blue?? Today I started to pack up Christmas. My mom and I had already put away the holiday dishes, but I'm stuck taking down all the happy trimmings. Everything I put back into the plastic storage tubs makes me miss the organised chaos of a full house. Even driving home tonight i was disappointed that my neighbor's lights and open curtains to display their trees had been replaced by a dark gloominess..not helped by our yuck weather. Now is that long stretch before tulips and perfect St Louis springs. Ugh. Even Max seems impatient with the cold. I wonder if he dreams of our afternoon walks and lunches on restaurant patios. Well, goodbye sugar cookies, carols, Christmas lights, pine smelling candles, and manger scenes. I'll pack you up and look forward to next years memories.

*Our happy Christmas pitcher*
*Goodbye Holiday dishes*

*Jeez! Still lots to pack up!*

*Maximus missing a full house*

...until next Christmas!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Davy-Doo

I'm sure your trip to London and Paris has you far away from a computer...dang you! Happy Birthday ya special guy! I'm proud we're make me smile.
Have fun and be sorta safe!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Where did 2007 go!
Goodbye my Twenties...and hello 2008.
A new Decade for me....
a new chapter for my family!