Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Date a Tanner

Trevor's poor date...
You get fooled to come in for 'just a moment'

Then you get cornered!

Do you see Trev's face?!? SO classic.

She survived!

But only after meeting Grandpa & Grandma & Earl & Peter &&&&&


Morgan and Joel said...

Yes the ring of fire that every boy or girl must pass through to get in the family...wowzers.

Maxmomma said...


These are classic! I love it! I am totally reliving that moment through these pics. Trev was so embarrassed :). He was a good sport though, and any girl who is going to date my brother IS going to have to go through us, right? :)

I love you Mary- it was SO GOOD to see you over the holiday.

Soares Family said...

Mary~ I got your blog info passed on to me! It's Shanna (Warren) email me @ rdhdmom.lv@yahoo.com so we can catch up!!!

Soares Family said...

Oh! And I havea blog too...SoaresfamilyLV.blogspot.com!!