Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

First, wonderful blogger will not let me move the order of the photos...Grrrr. SO, pardon the random order!

I am a woman of few I will let the photos show our family's
Christmas in Utah.

However, I need to send special loves to Mom, Dad & David in Korea: I LOVE you & miss you all horribly. There's not a moment that I didn't have you all in my heart. Emily did a fabulous job doing gathering my 'Santa' gifts...thank you.

Joe, Emily & Noah: I'm glad we followed a few holiday traditions together! Cookies, movies & Zoo Lights..Christmas 'musts' for me! Emily, your shopping skills amaze me. THANK YOU for being 'Santa's' helper! Give loves to my Max and kisses for Nephew!

Merry Christmas to all my friends in Iraq!
I'm blessed to have met you all & share some life changing experiences.
Thank you. Thank you & God bless your families.

Christmas 2008:

3 of 5!

Holiday Kisses

Christmas favorite kind

I love Bob...even if he is a Boston fan!

Beautiful Laurisa & Kathy

Christmas PJs, Fab Slippers (Thank you parents & Emily!)
& Grandma's decorating magic!

Frosting sugar cookies in St Louis

World's biggest Eagle Fan.
(AKA Thabo)

Amber with beautiful, new Gavin

Happy Peter!

Vanna Alison!

Love these boys

Enough said.
(I already miss him)



Tamara said...

Those are some great pics, girl! It was so nice to see you face to face, and I don't care what you are WAY TOO CUTE & so is your pooch! I've never seen anyone take such good care of their pet...smell-good shampoo, 10 outfits that are designer-ware, and Max misses you terribly (although he thinks Kirsti is his step-mom & she's doing a wonderful job, so no worries!). Cute pics, and I hate it that you have to return so soon!

vickiticki said...

Thank you Thank you for the pictures and phone calls! I'm glad you could enjoy the happiness with family!

Thank you Emily for doing such a loving job for Mary

We were excited to see what were in the packages you sent on Christmas! The glass cake keeper, apron, shirt and goodies... thank you dearest daughter Santa.

Britt Wright said...

These are great photos! I'm glad you were picture savvy on Christmas. Take Care.

Morgan and Joel said...

Agh, makes me wish I was there. What a gorgeous family we have. Miss Mary, that if you are tired of seeing family there in Salt Lake, you are more than welcome to visit family in Oregon, er, well, US!!!

Morgan and Joel said...

I know I'm wayyyy late but that is the freakiest(sp) picture of Jac I have ever seen. I hope it was just a bad angle....... -Joel